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Become Dementia Friendly

You don’t have to be a dementia expert to be a Dementia Friend.

In the community, a Dementia Friend recognizes that anyone and everyone could have dementia, and provides support to people when needed.

Attend a Dementia Friend session and learn the basics about dementia and what you can do to make a difference.

Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids offers workshops to local businesses, clubs, organizations, or groups to help people become more aware and have a basic understanding about dementia.

COST:  FREE  ($5.00 suggested donation to help share Dementia Friends across our community)




In-person Dementia Friends are offered by trained ‘Dementia Champion’ volunteers and are one hour long.

The content covered includes:

1) Basic understanding about what dementia is, 2) How can you recognize the signs of dementia, 3) How should you can best communicate with/support someone with memory loss, 4) What helpful resources are available in our community, 5) What actions you can take to support people with dementia at work, in your neighborhood and/or my family.