Dementia Friendly America

Targeted Sectors

All community sectors play a valuable role in ensuring the highest quality of life for persons with dementia.  Together we can make Grand Rapids a Dementia Friendly community.

Take action. Request a Dementia Friend session and learn how you can become more informed, supportive, and helpful.

Dementia Friendly Communities include –

  1. Neighbors & Community Members
  2. Faith Communities
  3. Banks and Financial Services
  4. Legal and Advance Planning Services 
  5. Community and Home-Based Services
  6. Emergency Service
  7. Government
  8. Businesses

If you are a part of one of these eight sectors, either personally or professionally, and would like to help implement these dementia-friendly concepts, please let us know at or request a training under the BECOME Dementia Friendly tab.

Adapted from ACT Alzheimer’s®o developed tool and resources and Dementia Friendly America® Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit